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With Malintis, you can expect a personal and professional treatment with Virtual Reality support.

About Malintis

Malintis is a practice that offers professional help to people with psychological problems. You can schedule an appointment any time whenever you’re in search of a personal treatment with the additional support of therapeutic Virtual Reality (VR). Your personal needs and specific requests are taken into account to make sure that you’ll receive the treatment that suits you best. We make use of both VR technology and traditional conversational therapy because we greatly value the scientifically proven benefits of both. This way, we make sure to give treatments that reap the benefits of what modern times has to offer. These benefits are also continuously evaluated and improved.


Our team consists of caring and experienced psychologists with each their own fields of expertise.


Malintis offers a variety of  working methods to meet all needs.


Malintis is open on working days from 12.00 to 22.00 and on Saturdays from 12.00 to 17.00.

Our Practice

Why Malintis?


Malintis takes your problems very seriously and we do our best to keep the waiting times as short as possible by adapting the number of working spaces and psychologists to the total number of clients. 


We utilise the possibilities that modern technology has to offer to the field of psychotherapy. Using virtual reality of therapeutic means is one example.

Over Malintis Lieke Dodkin


Psychologist / Training Design

Lieke graduated in clinical psychology in 2007 at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. After her studies, she worked in forensic care. She mastered many skills while treating personality disorders, problems in emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, aggression and sexual problems. She also worked as a psychologist in the treatment of addictions and trauma related problems.

Over Malintis Rick Evenhuis


Psycholoog / Software Development

Rick has been an applied psychologist since 2015. His specialty is coaching, mediation and youth psychology. In coaching, the client typically teams up with the psychologist to actively search for a complete picture of the problem. Based on this, you look for your goals and what means you possess to achieve these.