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Malintis offers contract free care


over VR therapie malintis wachtkamer praktische zaken


What this means for us
We offer contract free care, so that we can offer our clients the help, without having this care be dragged through a filter of strict guidelines and other demands that insurance companies otherwise demand to have included in your treatment.
What this means for you
What this means for you, depends on your insurance policy. With a good restitution policy, the costs of your treatment might be covered completely. In case you have a natura policy, then you might still be able to have your treatment covered – albeit partially. In any case, make sure to contact your insurance company to ask what kind of coverage you can expect from your treatment with us. For further information, you can visit the (Dutch) website of Zorgwijzer
Fee per treatment
€ 75,- per treatment. For students, we offer a discount of 35% (€ 49,- per session). You may be asked to show your college pass.
Payments are done directly at the end of each session. You can pay in cash or through Maestro.
Additional information
You can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours before the session. If the appointment is not canceled on time, the fee will be charged. You can cancel the appointment both by telephone and by email.