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Our software is launched: Vrerience


Vrerience is now available all over the world as a software tool for any practicing psychologist who are also interested in offering VR therapy! You can find it on our Steam store. It’s a program where a variety of therapeutic VR simulations are stored, according to the preferences of the therapist. Vrerience is a continuous project. The platform will be filled more and more with other simulations. We are open to receive help from any new developer who wishes to contribute. Contact us any time if you are an interested developer. Visit our Vrerience page for more information.

Right now, Vrerience offers simulations for the treatment of fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying and stage anxiety. Of course, we hope that many more will follow soon! At this moment, we are developing a simulation for the treatment of claustrophobia. OCD and aggression regulation are currently planned to include in our software.

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