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Treating Lachanophobia and Fructophobia in VR – Vrerience

Malintis has developed a virtual reality program for the treatment of lachanophobia (fear of vegetables) and fructophobia (fear of fruits). This program is included in our VR therapy library Vrerience. Lachanophobia and fructophobia are both relatively rare fears not many people are familiar with.

Like many phobias, the fear of fruits or vegetables (or both) can be caused by intense or even traumatic experiences in the past that in some way had something to do with fruits or vegetables. For instance, someone might have choked on a bit of fruit or vegetable and the feeling of suffocation lead to a permanent fear towards this particular kind of food.

Fruits or vegetables could also have a more symbolic association for someone with lachanophobia or fructophobia. It’s possible that the shapes or colors of fruits or vegetables could cause one to be reminded of a fearful experience in the past. Especially in the latter case, it’s important for a therapist to not only focus the therapy on fighting the symptoms of the fear, but also pay attention to what caused the fear of fruits or vegetables.

A lot to choose from, but we’re especially proud of our onion. Look at the details of it, the texture, the reflection from our lighting. Best of all, they don’t smell in VR.

Our VR simulation treats lachanophobia and fructophobia in a neutral and calm environment: our very own practice room. There’s an empty fruit bowl on top of our table. The therapist can drop a variety of fruits and vegetables into the bowl for the client to practice with. They can even decide whether or not the fruits and vegetables have been cut.

Treating Lachanophobia and Fructophobia in a safe environment

So now, our therapeutic VR library Vrerience has a program to treat lachanophobia and fructophobia with. Just like most of our VR programs, we’d make this simulation both a helpful and fun experience. In a convincingly realistic looking yet virtual environment, you can practice and learn to get used to fruits and vegetables. Inside the simulation, you won’t have to be confronted with the scents and taste of fruits and vegetables. You know that what you’re seeing is just a simulation of the real thing.

Many of the fruits can be created in either a cut or uncut form. The therapist decides which foods are put in the bowl, whether or not they are cut, and even how close or far away the table is from the client. The client can interact with the fruits and vegetables by picking them up, moving them around, and even throwing them across the room.

The vegetables currently available in this simulation that cannot be cut are cucumbers, garlics and onions. The fruits that can be cut are apples, bananas, kiwis, melons, oranges and strawberries.

There’s something of everything, cut or uncut.
Make a total mess if you want to.

Vrerience is available on Steam and meant for professional use only. Doesn’t mean we don’t want anyone to pay us a visit and experience virtual reality in person! Are you interested in experiencing our virtual reality treatment for lachanophobia and fructophobia? Feel free to contact us and ask for a free intake appointment.

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